Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WW2 Wednesday

Hey it's civilwarkid again with another world war 2 wednesday. I'd like to say that some of my ancestors served in World War 2. My great grampa Earl Simpsion or his army name was "moe" served in ww2 as a part of the outfit the 9th army airforce. His job was to load 50 cal. machine guns onto a P-47 thunderbolt. His rank was a CPL. He died in august of 1987.

Also my great grandmother was a "rosie the riviter" she made liftrafts for the navy. Her name was Evelyn G. Garlock and she worked for Firestone rubber company. But sadly on Feb.25 2007 she passed away from old age. She was 97 years old and had SEVEN great-grandchildren including myself. So to conclude this ww2 wed. I would like to thank every veteren that has fought in ww2 or any war for that matter. O and if any of you have family that is a veteren please comment so I can thank them personally for thier service hope you liked it bye!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Presidency misnomer.

O.k. I was looking though my magical book of wierd CW facts and I found something QUITE interesting. Did you know that Ulysses S. Grant is not the famous president's real name? His real name was Hiram Ulysses Grant! See when the congressmen mistankenly listed as Ulysses SIMPSON Grant when apponting him to West Point. And guess what the name stuck with him to the presidency!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

World War 2 Wednesday

I have decided to start writing about World War 2 stuff every wed. The picture above is from the movie Saving Private Ryan. So since there is nothin' to post about I will just post some actual footage of World War 2.

Sorry they are so short, MAYBE i'll make a bunch more into a montage but for now that's all. So as we end this epic first WW2 Wednesday I would like to say goodbye so I can go watch american idol. Hope you liked it see ya!

Monday, March 14, 2011

This blog isn't only for Civil War stuff!!

Apparently there is a 4th grader that now follows my blog that is one of my mom's students. He said that he is all about world war II , so I thought I'd mention that I am also a fan of The Last Great War. First of all I love the great army video game series, Call of Duty!

Of course this post will be all about world war II, so why not talk about the game series?
Zeke this post about world war II is all for you,enjoy.

So let me tell you about some of my favorite things about world war II.
  • My favorite semi-shot gun is the M1 garand.

  • My favorite SMG (sub machine gun) is the MP40.

  • My favorite bolt-action is the Kar98k.

  • My favorite HMG (heavy machine gun) is the MG42.

  • My favorite army is the U.S.M.C.

  • My favorite battle of WWII is the battle of Pelilieu Island.

  • My favorite plane is the Stuka German dive bomber.
  • The tank I love the most is a russian T-34

  • My favorite campaign was the battle for the Pacific.

  • My favorite WWII movie is Saving Private Ryan.

  • My favorite WWII book is A Band of Brothers.

Well that's all for now. But trust me Zeke,and readers,there will be more than just CW stuff on this blog. Hope ya liked it, see ya!

These are some examples of Allied and Axis Propaganda. Personally I like the on on the top.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

More unusual Civil War facts

Ok, like I said in an earliar post I will be writing about more unusual Civil War stuff. But before I do the info. from this post is out of a book my grampa got me for my b-day, thanks pop-pop! Anyways on with the facts. Did you know that Wilmer McLean (on the right) had a cannon ball crash through the roof of his house during the battle of Bull Run. He then moved to a farm where "The sound of battle would never reach him and his family again." Four years later, McLean's Appomatox Court House was used foe Lee's surrender to Grant. There was no collateral damage but souvenier-hunting union officers left McLean's parlor clean of furniture!! Next up, this is freaky,three members of the Guillet family were killed by riding the same horse. So they gave it to the Ohio 98th regement. Three officers were killed riding the same horse! Lieutenet Milliner (the only senior officer left on the field) then jumed on the jinxed animal. He cheated death but suffered all his life from a shattered arm from the minie ball he got while in the saddle. Ok sorry about the lessage of photos. As I'm posting this my internet connections down. Last story, a federal general ,Thomas Wilson, was hated by his fellow soldiers. During the battle of Baton Rouge Wilson was grabbed by his own men and held in front of a cannon before it was fired at the confederates. Well, hope you liked it, see ya.

Cool Ohio Civil War Stats.

Alright so I was skimming over my comments (for the 1,000, time) and Tracy's caught
my eye. So that brings me to my post, cool Civil War stats. The coolest fact is that 313,180 men out the union army were recruted in Ohio (thats 8.2% of the union army)! The Next stat. is that Ohio had 5 p.o.w. camps ( and for those that dont know what a p.o.w is it's a war prisoner.). Just like in one of my earlier posts about Camp Lawton. So anyway Since this post was so short, after I get back form church I will post more unusual facts about the Civil War.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Burnside Bridge Photos

Alright now i'm going to be more consistant with my posts. These are some modren day photos of Burnside Bridge that my dad sent me. You guys know that I used to live about 10 miniutes away from this place. Man, the last time I went to this place was too long ago. I wish I could go there again. 
Sorry about the overlap on the photos.